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Jill Kelly Productions : Opposites Attract
Opposites Attract



Missy and Mickey have been married for five long years and have always seen life differently. Missy thinks Mickey is a self-serving selfish pig. Mickey, on the other hand, believes things are cool with his wife and thinks she s the most giving woman on the planet. Soon he finds out just how giving she can be& a party one afternoon. He hears her telling her best friend how she really feels about him and gets a closer look at what s really going on in her head. That s when he decides it s time to make some changes before he looses the best thing that ever came in his life!


Shawna Edwards, John Decker, Steve Hatcher, Roxanne Hall, Missy, Cannibal, Jonathan Morgan, Mickey G., Joey Edwards,


SALES CODE: 100335

RELEASED: 0000-00-00

RUNTIME: 110 Min.

STUDIO: Jill Kelly Productions




Hardcore, Blow Job,



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