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Don Goo Enterprises : Patriot Dames #2
Patriot Dames #2



Who would ever guess national politics could be a forum for sex and intrigue? Patriot Dames 2 has both and more! Sexy young Jennie Jefferson just wants to be elected to office so she can finally make a difference for her country. She's tired of being a cute little intern who has to tolerate the lude and lascivious behavior of old incompetent fools who only look out for their own interests (And besides, her knees are sore).


Honey, Amethyst Stone, Calli Cox, Brooke Hunter, Mia Smiles, Dillon, Joel Lawrence, Don Hollywood, Chris Cannon, Dr. Thomas Gunn MD,


SALES CODE: 100395

RELEASED: 0000-00-00

RUNTIME: 60 Min.

STUDIO: Don Goo Enterprises




Hardcore, Blow Job, Blonde, Masturbation,



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