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Don Goo Enterprises : Lust Detective, The
Lust Detective, The



Mr. Genghis Green is a very wealthy man who is about to marry a very exotic beauty and needs the Lust Detective s help to find out if she s fooling around behind his back. This is definitely a job for the private eye of private parts! As the man leaves we learn that the lust detective is diving into the case& personally! And there is more to be had in this case, from the detective s own horny henchwoman! As the detective embarks on his mission to corner this triple-timing tease, Miss Rhonda Chavel is already being cornered by Joey the mechanic. This vivacious vixen doesn t mind being cornered though, she likes being set-up!! This is one mechanic that likes to play Hard Ball and always uses the right tools to get the job done! But there s more going on back at the office& The detective s assistant is up to her own tricks and building a case of her own with a dirty biker slut that loves to play nice& But what about Mr. Genghis Green? He s back at the mansion getting a pre-nuptual nub of his own& or is he being set-up? It s a complicated case to crack& but the Lust Detective and his crew will find a way to turn all this frenzied, fanatical sex into hard evidence.


Tiffany Mason, Petra, Ashley Morgan, Karianna, Michelle Raven, Alex Sanders, Mickey G., Frank Buckkwyd,


SALES CODE: 100396

RELEASED: 0000-00-00

RUNTIME: 100 Min.

STUDIO: Don Goo Enterprises




Hardcore, Blow Job, Blonde,



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