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Don Goo Enterprises : House of Whores
House of Whores



It was a day just like any other day, and director Shawn Ricks was renting a typical house for a typical shoot. Little did he know that the location he was renting was not just any house& but the House of Whores. A second location that had been overrun by the ghoulish desires of the dead. The neighbor Mr. Crabtree notices the shoot going on and wants to warn the director, but is constantly thrown out and rebuffed by security. As a last straw, the director Shawn Ricks personally throws out Mr. Crabtree and returns to find the entire crew gone  mysteriously absorbed by the house that feed so ravenously off the human sexual energy.


Mercedes, Envy Mi, Cherie, Dillon, Talon, Sabrina Snow, Jay Ashley, Fabio, Frank Bukkwyd,


SALES CODE: 100403

RELEASED: 0000-00-00

RUNTIME: 90 Min.

STUDIO: Don Goo Enterprises




Hookers, Hardcore, Masturbation, Blow Job,



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