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Don Goo Enterprises : Italian Sausage #2: Lick My Meatballs
Italian Sausage #2: Lick My Meatballs



Only one thing can shake up a traditional Italian family quicker than a bad batch of marinara sauce, the power of the pussy! Not all men can resist a seductive smile and a warm wet cunt, especially a horny fuck like Vincenzo. He s hard-up on getting his cock wet with Ganelia, even though she ll stir things up with Vinci and his family. Will a dirty whore with a body to die for come between a tight-knit family? Or will the family cum in between this whore and her filthy female friends? Find out in another twisted tale of lust, lies, and nasty sexual escapades! And remember& when you live by the whore, you die by the whore!


Venus, Rebecca Love, Natasha Dolling, Layla Jade, John West, Fabio, Dr. Thomas Gumm M.D.,


SALES CODE: 100407

RELEASED: 0000-00-00

RUNTIME: 90 Min.

STUDIO: Don Goo Enterprises




Hardcore, Blow Job, Masturbation, Threesome,



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